What dog harness is best for walking your Staffie?

With a Staffie, the one thing they love doing is pulling when on their walks. Some owners, present company included, prefer their dog's to pull as it keeps the dog and also the owner in great shape. Therefore a harness is essential to keep the dog under control, although be warned, harnesses, if not tight enough can easily come off if a dog decides to go into reverse when you are in front of them.

When looking at harnesses you need to make sure they are padded, especially on the chest area, as this is where most of the pressure will be placed, and the last thing you want is the dog to be uncomfortable on his walks, or worse still a balled patch appearing on their chest.

We have had a number of different styles of harnesses over the years, however we have recently had to replaced our harnesses due to them wearing out.

After much deliberation and research at Crufts this year we decided to purchases the Ezydog harness. It is the most padded harness we found and is also weatherproof, unlike most of the fleecy reflected padded harness that seemed to be the fashion. There is quite a range of products from Ezydog, take a look for yourself at their website , but out of the harnesses we saw available, we have to say theirs was the best for a Staffie.

For Dogs, I would get the the large size harness and for bitches go for the medium size harness.

Happy Walkies!