What food do we feed our dogs?

Most dog owners when they start out, will probably ask their friends what food they feed their dogs and hopefully this would lead onto a recommendation. However you are most likely going to get a mixed set of results, which is a good thing, right?

Well I'm not so sure. There are so many reports on the internet of all sorts of meat and additives going into dog food these days you just don't know what to believe and with an increasing number of products being manufactured in China it pays to be careful..

Dog food ingredient disclosure is not as stringent as the food you and I eat, so the big cooperatives no doubt cut corners, in order to line their own pockets. Many dogs these days seem to suffer with so many medical problems which I am led to believe all stem from a bad diet.

We personally have tried Iams, Eukanuba and Royal Canin, but eventually chose Arden Grange as I can't find anything other than praise for their dry food products, and the dogs thrive on it.

Furthermore, Arden Grange is a UK based family owned independent business and their range is produced in the UK from ingredients sourced from the UK and Europe.

Yes it's more expensive, but I'm a great believer in that you get what you pay for, and after all our dogs can only entrust ourselves to look after them.